Contradictions about Abortion

A matter that is still currently a subject of debate in our society is whether or not abortion should be legal. To get the opinion of the population on this rather important subject, polls are made.

The polls, which are directed by different parties, basically express the same question and multiple answers but the way the information is displayed will definitely have an impact on the choice of the person answering. I agree with William Saletan when he states, in his article called “Do Most Americans Think Most Abortions Should Be Illegal?”, that it is the job of citizens to recognize that there may be manipulations in these polls. Voters should not change their views because of how the information is demonstrated even if they are being influenced. It is clear that the Pro-Life Activists will try and influence people to vote against abortion while the Supreme Court will want to do the opposite to support that their decision to make abortion legal 41 years ago is still supported by many. It is perfectly normal for these two groups to stand up for what they think is best for our society. Of course, in the end, the government always has the final decision concerning what laws will be passed or not, therefore, it is very hard for the Pro-Life Activists to win against our powerful government.

My view concerning abortion is that it should be legal because woman should have the right to decide whether or not to get an abortion. If having an abortion is not part of a woman’s values, than she simply has no obligation to do it. But if it is in a woman’s values to get abortion, than she should be able to do it. Of course this means the loss of a human life, but we must think about the future also. What if a woman was raped? In this case, the woman probably would want to take a decision concerning her pregnancy since it wasn’t planned.

Having said this, we should leave the doors open for the population to decide for themselves whether they need an abortion or not. We cannot make abortion illegal because, in doing so, we are depriving people from actually thinking critically about their lives. After making the decision of whether to have an abortion or not, this person will then feel in control of her life. 


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