How People Should Be Treated


             In André Picard’s article, “We’re all to blame for staying mum on mental illness”, she makes a clear distinction about how mentally ill people are treated versus physically ill people. She is right to state that they are treated differently, but this is totally normal because they are two very different things! One affects the mind, brain and the body while the other only affects the body physically. These are two types of pain which affect the human being differently although both are very intense.  

            When we are dealing with a situation with a physically wounded person, it only takes time, patience and, in some cases, adaptation for a person to recover from his injuries. Moreover, individuals affected with mental illness may be harder to understand by others who are not aware of all the psychological impacts on these people. Some even want no contact with the mentally ill out of selfishness and close-mindedness.

             In the end, even though we should help the ones who suffer from mental illness, they are the only ones who can decide for themselves whether or not to ask for help. Even family members cannot force a person against their will to get support if this person wants nothing to do with it. This can connect to the movie “The Soloist” directed by Joe Wright which talks about a homeless, schizophrenic man who has a lot of talent in music. A journalist called Steve Lopez decides to write about him and soon becomes his friend. The mentally ill man was a student at Juilliard for 2 years, but was obliged to drop out because he couldn’t stand to hear the voices any longer. Lopez wanted to help this man so much but even the man refused and became violent when he learned that Lopez wouldn’t stop. This story demonstrates that some people would rather live with their illness than have to take medication. Everyone that surrounds these people should be patient and support the mentally ill without going against their will. 


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