The Effects of Medication


People should not completely stop taking fever-reducing meds just because they can increase the transmission of the influenza virus. They will be in more pain when combating their infection which is very uncomfortable. I think a better solution for the problem about flu medication, described in the article “Fever-reducing meds encourage spread of flu: McMaster report” posted by CBC, would be to stay isolated and avoid contact with other people. Without physical contact, the virus will not spread as much which will also help save lives as mentioned in the article.

The medication described in this article is something that was made by humans which indicates that it actually acts as a technology. The technology is defined as a tool that responds to a fundamental need of humans and makes us successful. In this case, the science behind the making of the medication had to be found first before applying the technology so that we could successfully create the pills. These pills were developed and tested for safe human consumption.

All of the efforts humans have made to achieve this technology are a good reason not to waste it. Looking in the past, one of the first technologies that were created was the wheel and without its invention, humans couldn’t have evolved as much technologically. Therefore, technology is an important part of our lives and it is found everywhere for different functions.

Both science and technology have played a role in producing this necessary medication which can help humans positively when taken in reasonable quantities. One of the benefits is the reduction in fever which will result in an increase in energy. I think feeling better while being more isolated is a better option than enduring your virus by taking nothing at all and having no energy.  



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