The Bionic Hand: A New Technology

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The bionic hand was newly discovered by some European researchers, which could enable an amputated person to actually touch and feel something with their prosthesis. This was decribed in CBC News’s article entitled: “Bionic Hand offers immediate sense of touch.” I think this is a very important technological advancement since it can help many humans function properly again. They will see a great difference in their daily lives, which will bring them a lot of joy. Of course, there are still many tests that must be performed to make sure that this technology will not harm us. We can see that the bionic hand has wires that attach to the person’s nerve. Nerves must always be treated with care because when a force damages them, this damage will be permanent. I am confident that one day, researchers will be able to prove that effectively, these bionic hands work in a safe way and the people who want them only have to ask. This very easily said but will all people really be interested in these artificial hands? Maybe some people can live with their handicap and they do not wish to adapt to another physical change. This can be very long for people who suffer from injuries that require physical therapy. These can take several months to recuperate from, for example, a torn ligament. Having experienced this myself, I can confirm how long and painful it can be to recover.


There is also the physical appearance of these bionic hands that must be considered. They must look good for people to actually start buying them. If I were to choose between staying handless for the rest of my life and having the opportunity to actually learn how to feel again with an artificial one, I would choose the later. If the product is proven to be safe and the first experiment already proved that the patient was very quick to learn how to maneuver it, then why not take this amazing opportunity to gain mobility and feeling?


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