Dogs are the Best Guards for Asthma and Infections!


            In 2013, a very interesting article was written by Jeffrey Norris called “How household dogs protect against asthma and infection.” This is an interesting idea since we have always thought that a child prone to having asthma or allergies should be kept away from a household dog. Their theory actually makes sense though because they state that if children are not placed under these conditions, they will not develop a great number of asthma-associated immune cells. For this reason, I think that children should be exposed to dogs in their houses or even cats could help as well. This means that these children would develop an increased amount of these immune cells and they would also avoid having a weaker immune system.

           In a certain sense, we can say that dogs are acting as a tool for humans in this case because they become a need for us. Moreover, we are actually manipulating our environment to make it suit our needs, which is to have a stronger immune system to avoid asthma and infections. The dogs will allow us to be successful. This information leads us to truthfully assert that dogs are actually a technology.

Even though dogs have the importance of being classified as a technology, they also bring other benefits to children. People will develop a sense of responsibility, have a companion to play games and also just to have a loyal friend. Who can possibly say that dogs are a waste of energy after learning all of the positive effects they have?



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