Efficiency Our Health Care System



Many people question themselves on why it is so long to be treated when you get sick or injured? This is because of the way our health care system works. But also because there is not enough doctors which means that everyone must wait a long time to be able to see one. CBC news published a recent article called “Canadian patients wait longest to see family doctor” that discusses this issue. I actually agree with the people who think that our health care system is not working well for our population. Frequently, there are many people who can’t see a doctor and who must then wait over six hours at the emergency for a treatment. This injury or sickness could actually be worst by the time it can be treated.

Only 23% of Quebecers actually think that our health-care system is working pretty well. This demonstrates that there is a majority who are dissatisfied which means that maybe something should be done about this important matter. Doesn’t the government see what is happening to its citizens? We are frequently frustrated about this system, which does not respond to the population’s demand rapidly enough. I would almost rather treat my injury myself if I can instead of having to pass through this time-consuming system. My mother actually waited a whole year to get an MRI for her right knee to be able to identify why her knee was so painful. After waiting these 12 months, she went to the scheduled appointment and she found out that she was signed up for her left knee. Even after explaining to the nurse that there had been a mistake, the nurse refused to scan her injured leg. Therefore, she spent a whole year waiting for nothing and finally decided to live with her injury.

Sometimes, maybe not everyone realizes that health is very important for everyone because it allows humans to enjoy life and have enough energy to do what they please. We cannot take this for granted because there is always a risk that a person won’t stay healthy forever.


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