An Important Dilemma for Sochi

At the moment, Sochi is experiencing very hot temperatures which have many effects on the environmental conditions of the outdoor tracks. As a result, the athletes’ performances will be affected by these conditions. How will they be able to keep ideal conditions to last all of the games? In my opinion, this is a subject that should be reflected upon.

Image Engineers and scientists, who are specialists in the field, are taking care of the matter since they are experts in the formation of snow. They have expressed their information on NBC Learn’s website page entitled “Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games.”

We might think that snow can easily be created, but it requires the right temperature and environment. Society, in general, probably thinks that they know everything there is to learn about snow. But what they don’t know is that there are scientists who are researching this subject. If we can learn more about how snow is formed, what influences it and its features; we can be a step closer to finding out how our earth works. I know this is a very big field to learn from, but without earth, humans would not exist.

I think it is very important to have specialists for every field so that we can learn the way our world works. Looking at the winter Olympics, everything must be thought of for the athletes so that everything is organized and ready for the races. Furthermore, our research can limit the amount of injuries for the athletes as well as reduce risks for humans in general. It will also create an ideal environment for performers. For example, the ice that the athletes must skate on goes through a filtration system first to remove impurities and salt is then included in the layer that is applied to the ice.

Most of us probably remember skating on some ice during the spring and falling down because of kinks or just because it was so slushy. Didn’t we wish that there could exist a special treatment so that ice could stay perfect all the time? Well this phenomenon is already happening and we can thank these researchers for that.


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