Memorization Should be an Option

Frequently, we are forced one way or another, to learn things by heart whether it be for school or just to know who is singing the song you are listening to. But do we really have to memorize so many things when they are accessible on computers anywhere we go?

Here is a quote from Albert Einstein: “Never memorize something that you can look up.” Image

His view is pretty clear concerning this matter, but I would have to partially disagree with him. If someone decided not to memorize anything, than he couldn’t learn a lot about our entire world.

Also, for certain jobs, there are some things that must be learned by heart because it might be important for the lives of other people. Looking at doctors who examine patients, they must be able to recognize the symptoms of the patient to identify what they have. For example, a person who has the symptoms of appendicitis must be recognized immediately because if it bursts, the patient can die.
ImageAlthough, I do not think that everything is important to memorize. Taking for example, our history. Learning each date and event that happened and for what reason is pretty extreme to memorize. If you are really interested in remembering your history, then go read about it online or in a book!

Furthermore, memorizing things is very time consuming. When we memorize, we don’t even remember all of what we have learned by heart. So I think that we can learn things without having to memorize them.

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