People Needed for Great Backyard Bird Count


An interesting idea was published by Evelyn Boychuck on the CBC News website. This article is entitled “Great Backyard Bird Count appeals for public’s help.”


Scientists are showing how they can think in a very systematic way. Why not save money and time and get more accurate results?


Also, people who aren’t scientists and who are interested in nature and its fauna can participate in something big. The population of birds is being observed which is something important for our ecosystem.


This is a great project for the elderly who aren’t working anymore and who have a lot of time.


“This is a great idea! I can sit in my backyard and see plenty of birds, but maybe less in the winter. Although, I have no Internet so there would have to be a place where I could go to give my data,” says Josette Fortier, my 74-year-old grandmother.


It would be very simple to send a representative of the Great Backyard Bird Count in various communities. People who think it is complicated could therefore still submit their observations. 


There is actually an occupation that describes exactly what the population is doing. It is called ornithology. This is the study of birds, which includes photography, observation, banding of birds and also to assist conferences.


Lastly, there are lots of benefits for people participating in this bird count. This is something I would consider doing if I had the time, so in summer would be a more probable time.


Go watch this video for tips, given by an expert, on bird watching:  


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