An Addition to the List of Harmful Things for the Environment


The list of bad things for the environment that humans have is very long and is getting even longer. An article entitled “Why Use Microbeads When The Alternatives Are Better?”, written by Rebecca Adams, talks about how microbeads are placed in skincare products to clean our skin better but actually, they are made of plastic and are helping our environment degrade.  

The reason why we buy them is also because these products are less expensive. Ultimately, humans always try and save money on anything they can so that they can save for important things such as buying a house. The authors in the text are assuming that consumers don’t take the time to read the ingredients and this may be true, but not in all cases.

Sometimes, either people decide that they will disregard the environment or the environmentally friendly products are just too expensive for their budgets. These people might think that not caring about the environment for such a little thing isn’t all that important, but they are wrong. Their attitude will be attributed not only to cosmetics but other things such as paper towel.

Of course some people only like to think about themselves but we are living in a society. In a society, it is essential to think in a utilitarian way because the most amount of people should benefit. By thinking this way, we can then consider our grandchildren who will want to grow up in a clean environment.

Furthermore, by making sure that we are taking care of our environment, we are actually benefiting ourselves as well since it is still our environment. We can look at the analogy of a bedroom for example. When a bedroom is dirty with full of clothes, books, and music all over the floor and shelves, it is quite hard to do your homework with this limited space. But with an organized and clean bedroom, there is enough space to do your homework in a comfortable way.  

We can conclude that microbeads shouldn’t be used because they will harm our environment, although alternatives cost more. This means that the pharmaceutical companies will have to try and find a way to sell these cosmetics in an environmentally friendly way without it being too costly.


For more details on effects of cosmetics on the environment, visit:


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