DNA Will Change Our Future


The article posted by Rose Eveleth called “Your Genetic Privacy Is Probably a Lost Cause”, really makes you think about a futuristic world that is not too far away and that will probably happen because of our already existing technology. We already see people taking precautions if ever the idea suggested by this article about DNA were ever to occur in real life. But without rules regulating every person’s DNA, how will the population be safe?

It could be possible that someone decides to duplicate who you are and they would have no consequence because it was only from “garbage” you left behind. This would mean that our DNA would not be unique anymore and human beings wouldn’t truly own their DNA.

This knowledge could be considered as a form of cloning of humans. This is a powerful tool which, in my opinion, is too dangerous for the use of humans. For example, one man could create a whole new population only by using strands of hair found in the bathrooms.

Our society would forever be changed if this were to happen. I think that many laws would have to be passed to prevent humanity from entering a state of chaos. How would we know whether our president is the real one? Someone could recreate Steven Harper, assassinate the real one, and replace him! This may seem like an extreme idea at the moment, but if we wait a few decades, we might see this behaviour submerging.

Sometimes I wonder how humans have evolved so quickly. In a way, it is beneficial for us because we now have more resources, such as energy from hydro-electric dams and we can do more things. But this leads to the desire to always be able to achieve more, in other words, to have power. As depicted in multiple movies, power can lead to many bad decisions. Therefore, we should think about whether we really want this for our society or not.   


To read the full article go to: http://nautil.us/blog/your-genetic-privacy-is-probably-a-lost-cause


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