Homework with Music: A Big Debate

              Every one works in a different way even when they are doing the same things. One of the things humans perform differently is homework. An individual’s preference will determine whether or not this person will decide to listen to music while doing homework. Although, we also have to consider how the brain works.


              William Farnos-Wilker suggested in his blog entitled “When Doing Work: Music or No Music?” that there are two types of homework. Depending on what type of homework you are doing, this will determine whether it is beneficial to listen to music or not.

             The first category is when someone is doing repetitive assignments or question and answer homework. The second is when you are getting ready for an exam and you must learn things by heart. For the first category, Farnos-Wilker thinks it is best to do it while listening to music. Furthermore, for the second category, the blogger stated that no music should be listened to since it would reduce the productivity of the studying. The writer was basically agreeing with the CNN article which explained a study they had performed which proved these two points.

            I think Farnos-Wilker is right in supporting the CNN point of view because I have tested this many times. The only music that could possibly be used to study, if ever someone was really desperate not to be in silence, would be classical music without a singer. In my opinion this is less efficient then in complete silence but everyone can do as they wish.

           On the other hand, who wants to do their boring homework alone in complete silence? There are probably no takers. So, whenever you can do your homework with music, I highly suggest it. If you think of it, it’s kind of like sports. When you have no music, you aren’t motivated and it is much harder to run that 30 minute jog. But with music, your feet get moving and it becomes a lot easier.

            So people should listen to music when they are doing homework but not all the time. I hope this has helped some people decide on whether to listen to music or not. But one way or another, that homework has to get done anyways!


To read William Farnos-Wilker’s blog, which includes many interesting comments, go to: http://www.personal.psu.edu/afr3/blogs/SIOW/2011/10/school-work-and-studying-music-or-no-music.html


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