The Importance of Emotions


Many people wish that there would be no sadness, no desperation, and only positive emotions, such as happiness, in their lives. This way of thinking is comprehensible because everyone tries to have an enjoyable life. But without all of our negative emotions, we would be losing a part of ourselves which would undoubtedly transform human beings. The consequences of deleting these emotions from our bodies would be hard to predict and could cause serious problems.

I think that negative emotions are a part of us that we should deal with since they are the ones who make us learn the most about our actions. For example, when a person is aggressive (which is a negative emotion), they might hurt another person without realising it. The wounded person might then decide to avoid the aggressor which would in turn cause the aggressor to be sad and confused. The aggressor would then have to reflect on his actions because it is the source of why the victim decided to go away.

In this situation, both the aggressor and the victim will have learned something valuable. The aggressor will learn his limits of how violent he can be around other people. Also, how easily he can lose a friend with one action that can change everything. The victim will question whether this person is worth talking to again even if there is a risk that he will be violent again. “Am I hanging out with the people I really want to be around with?” this person might ask.

Furthermore, both the victim and the aggressor will learn more about who they are. The aggressor will now know that he is more aggressive than he originally thought. The victim will now know the reaction he has toward an attack which is to avoid confronting it. Both of these individuals have something they should work on and they now know that when another situation similar to this one occurs, one will be more reserved and the other will be stronger.  

Emotions, which are different state of minds that result from diverse circumstances and events, are a part of us, even if we don’t always realise it. For the well-being of our society, I firmly think that all emotions, whether they are good or bad, should remain a part of humans.



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