A Bad Reading Challenge?

 Image            People have to read every day whether they realize it or not. It can be either to get information in the newspaper, for pleasure reading or simply read a sign to know which store you are entering. Every person has a different reading efficiency depending on their language skill. The debate on whether speed reading should be used or not is discussed in an article posted on The Atlantic called “Is Speed Reading Possible?”.

            The answer to this question is yes, speed reading is possible but the question is if it has enough benefits to be used regularly. It was hard to decide a final decision about whether to stand for or against this issue because there are plausible arguments that support it but also some that reject it. In the end, I think that there are more arguments against the idea of speed reading.

            The basic principle of speed reading is that words appear one at a time on a screen at a fast pace.  But how can someone get the full meaning of a text they are reading if they fly through it? The answer is that they will register a lot less about what they are reading. In my opinion, it is more important to eat a whole, delicious piece of pie and relish it, rather than only eat the creaming fast without truly enjoying it.

            Some people may have a different way of thinking especially those who always want to be efficient all the time. But we must remember that details are always important even if sometimes they appear not to be.

            Furthermore, this method of reading would require adjustments from the readers since this is an app meaning that it must be done on an electronic device. Reading on a screen is very tiring for our eyes; therefore, we shouldn’t read for long periods of time on our tablets or laptops. Also, these technologies are not all accessible for the people who are in financial difficulties.

            Lastly, I agree with the article and the points it conveyed because I think we should remain with the system of reading that is already established. Why make our lives that much more complicated?


To read the article on The Atlantic, visit: http://translate.google.com/#fr/en/et%20le%20savourer



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