Diets: How Bad are They Really?

Any diet, whether it is high protein, high carbohydrates or abstaining from proteins, these diets are just an inequality of a person’s required portions of food. Sometimes, a person may be placed under a diet to satisfy a physical limitation and this is perfectly acceptable. But for people with a normal metabolism, these diets, although advertised in a positive manner, are actually bad for our bodies.

In an article called “High-Protein Diets in Midlife Linked to High Risk Of Premature Death, Study Says” written by ….., it is stated that being on a high-protein diet is as bad as smoking. This is because they both approximately have the same amount of health risks as proven by the study.

But a diet in general is just a word that means a regulated amount of food that a person consumes to either lose weight or for medical reasons. But actually, when people want to lose weight with these diets, it isn’t good for their health even though they might look skinnier afterwards. Many of the women who decide to go through these diets are trying to change their body which tells us that they aren’t comfortable in their bodies. I think all these women need is reassurance which would help to build their self-esteem and confidence. I am not saying that everyone on these diets fits these criteria but a big part of them do.

This is a very debatable issue. Why do people decide to actually follow a diet? Are they pressured by peers or is it a personal decision? The answers to these questions rest with every individual who has decided to start a diet. If these people would be informed of all the information that was found about these supposedly “good” diets, I think some of them would change their mind.


For people thinking of starting a diet, I recommend reading the article mentioned above:


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