Should Humans be on Top of the World?


Why would humans want to continue managing ecosystems when they see what happened when they removed grey wolves in Yellowstone? Humans must understand that they are not at the top of everything so they cannot manage everything either.

What I mean by this is that we cannot control everything in this world because we are a part of it and therefore, we should respect the others who are a part of this world as well. It is impossible for us to say that we will start controlling every ecosystem so that we can take advantage of it. If we would start doing this, there would be major repercussions in the long run for many different species.

The issue that is explored in this article, written by Emily Gertz, is a perfect example of how humans negatively change the environment for their personal advantage. The only reason we decided to start removing the wolves in Yellowstone was because they were starting to eat our livestock. But an even bigger problem arose; the elk population was growing too large which means that there was a decrease in the amount of willow trees that the elk feed on. This had an effect on many other species as well.

Sometimes, our population has a hard time to critically analyze their actions before they actually perform them. We do not take the proper amount of time to fully understand what we are dealing with before we just jump into it. For example, if I said, “I need to use the computer every Saturday for the whole day for the rest of the year.” By actually doing this, I would be preventing other people in my household from using the computer which could cause them problems. These could include; a deadline of a payment that couldn’t be made on time or an important research project that couldn’t be finished.        

All of this comes down to the fact that humans have a hard time to know the limit of their control on this world which unquestionably has impacts on every other species living in the same environment. Couldn’t we just force ourselves to fully analyze a situation before taking action so that we reduce the amount of damage on Earth?


The full article about wolves in Yellowstone can be viewed at:


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