How Far Can Anatomy take us?

When people think about scientific discoveries, most people would think that this refers to new concepts and ideas that could enhance our future. But these are not the only discoveries that are made. Some scientists are working on discovering more about our past and how we evolved as a society but also how animals have evolved to become who they are today.


It was discovered a long time ago that Homo sapiens are a specie that has evolved from apes, also known as Hominidae. This was discovered by observing the anatomy of both apes and humans which are quite similar even today. It should also be noted that both humans and animals have evolved in the past even though it is more noticeable in some species compared to others.

Similarly, Jonathan Geisler (an anatomist) compared the new whale species called Cotylocara macei to dolphins and porpoises. He found that all three species have air pockets in their skulls which enable them to perform echolocation. This is when an animal sends sound waves towards an object (usually a prey or a predator) and listens to when they bounce back which will allow them to identify how far this object is relative to them. This is a very powerful defense mechanism since these animals can always be aware of who is surrounding them, which is a very impressive technology.

The new whale specie that was identified was actually an old one since anatomists were analyzing its fossil that was 28 million years old. It helped scientists educate themselves even more about the history of how our world has evolved.

Visit to read the article about Cotylocara macei.


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