The Mysteries of Our Universe


It is hard to believe that our universe is actually expending considering how immense it already is. We still ask ourselves many questions that have remained unanswered by the famous scientists that have marked our cosmological history such as Einstein and Aristotle. For instance, how do black holes grow? Where does the universe take all of its energy to expand the way it does?

I therefore consider cosmology as a great mystery that humans have not yet discovered all about and maybe never will in the future. In a way, I feel afraid of space especially since we do not know enough about it to do what we want.

This may be beneficial for the universe since humans are unable to control it, which means that they cannot damage it unlike what they did to our planet Earth. The mistakes that were made on this planet in the past are irreversible and will forever remain a part of our eventful history. Many people today are still troubled by what has happened in their past such as the soldiers in World War II. This means that we must be careful with the universe so that we do not commit severe mistakes.

I will always remain impressed by astronauts who have devoted their lives to exploring space and testing new equipment to go into space without knowing exactly how it would react.

What humans know is that our galaxy called the Milky Way is located in stars and gas and is part of tens of thousands of galaxies. These galaxies remain unexplored by humans, which makes us question about whether there could be other life out there. Furthermore, since 1998, there is the idea that dark energy could be the source that is controlling our universe and also contributing to its growth.

I think the next big step for humans in space, even though many other achievements could be performed, is developing a way to be able to travel out of our galaxy to visit others. This idea is very interesting for me but it brings me to question whether we would ever know if our experiment worked or not. We must remember that the astronauts would be “traveling through time” because of the light years…

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  1. This was very interesting to read, especially the part about the fact that humans have somewhat destroyed our earth and they could do this to the rest of universe as well. I agree with this idea; with more knowledge comes the desire to try different things which may lead to disrupting the natural ways of the Universe. I also agree that there is a lot left to discover about outer space and our Universe, but, as you said, we must be careful so that we do not make any mistakes that could possibly ruin our Universe.

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