The Time Traveling Experience

I’m sure many of you have thought of the idea of time traveling. I know that it has come to my mind multiple times and I have thought about where I would like to go. Some of the places were: traveling to the future to be in Cuba on a nice summer day, traveling in the past back when I was an innocent child who had no worries about life, and also going in the past to see what my parents and grandparents looked like when they were young. This blog will describe where I would go if I could time travel right now. I was inspired by The Daily Post’s blog called “Weekly Writing Challenge: Time¬†Machine”.


After opening my eyes, I looked around and saw that I was outside moving along on a dirt road. There was a wagon in front of me pulled by two black horses carrying wooden barrels as well as two men sitting in the front seat. I realized as I looked down that I was sitting in a saddle on a walking horse. I hadn’t felt this rhythmical movement in so long and it felt wonderful.

“Leslie,” called the man wearing a hat, “Ride up to the house and go tell your mother that we will be arriving soon.”

At first I was bewildered. This man wasn’t my father and why was he calling me Leslie?

I started to accelerate on the path and it dawned on me. I was now in the mind of a young women living in the past and I could actually feel her presence inside of my head. I had the feeling that the real Leslie was actually unconscious. I remember feeling how weird it was but at the same how amazing it was that I was actually in the past!

Since I didn’t know where the house was, I just started to explore the land which looked like a typical Quebec landscape. I passed by a small house and realized that it was made out of bricks. That was when I started to wonder what year I was in.

I came across a trash can which contained a newspaper. I jumped off my horse and saw that the date was July 5th 1710. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! I found myself wondering what I knew about this era. This is when there was the Port Royal and Quebec was occupied by the French who were loyal to the British Crown. This was also when Isaac Newton was still living and he had discovered many scientific principles that hadn’t been thought of before him. Although, as all scientists know, proving your theories takes a lot of time which is why Newton had no life outside of his scientific research career.

I ended up staying there for a whole day and saw how people were living and what food they were eating. I compared this to how we are living today and realized how easy our lives actually are. For food, we can use the microwave which heats our food up in no time. We have machines who wash our clothes. We have cars who enable us to travel wherever we want. And the list goes on and on.

This experienced has lead me to understand better how society was living at the time and how much humans have evolved both in the scientific field and on the social level. Time traveling is an experience that I would want to relive any day if I had the opportunity to.


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  1. Wow this is a very original way of writing a blog. I like the personal touch to your imaginary time travelling experience. Maybe you should mention something about how Quantum Physics is trying to make time travel possible. I really enjoy the idea of time travelling but I personally don’t believe that it will happen in the near future.

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