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How is Autism Classified in our Society?


April is Autism Awareness Month as written in a post by News. This disease is avoided by most of the population since people who have this disease have problems with the processing of information in the brain. Nerve cells and their synapses are affected in the way they are connected and organized. This means that their behavior is different especially for social interactions.

Even experienced scientists still have a hard time to understand this disease which affects the nervous system. Not everything is known about this system of the human body and more research must still be made so that we can discover more about the human body. This will enable us to know more about autistic patients and help them even more!

Where I work during the summer, there is a family who comes every year and they have a child who is autistic. I am impressed every time I see him with his mother because the mother must remain at his side constantly. She barely has any time left for herself but she remains patient with her son because she knows that becoming enraged won’t improve the situation. Her son cannot change who he is because it is simply how he was created. Every time I see this woman with her child, I feel a great respect for her especially for her patience, her devotion and her love for her child. 

No one could revert this disease because it would be like trying to remove a central beam under a bridge who is in the way of a boat. If we were to remove this support, the bridge would come crashing down; therefore, an autistic child wouldn’t survive if we tried to alter his nervous system. But the fact that I thought about such an idea demonstrates how all of us are always pushed to what is “right”. What I mean by this is that we always assume that we should do what everyone else is doing.    

We have always been taught, although not always directly, what we should want and get in our future. We may think that our decisions are always our own but actually, they are always influenced by many things. Social pressures are a big influence for children as well as adults. For instance, the mother who gave birth to an autistic child probably didn’t expect her child to be like this. She was expecting a “normal” child as everyone ultimately views many things in the world. But what defines normal?

I think what we consider as normal is what most people are classified as. For example, if 85% of the Quebec population had brown hair, then people would start to expect their child to have brown hair and be included in the majority. But should it be considered as bad to be different from the rest of society? 

The answer to this questions, in my opinion, is that it shouldn’t be bad to diverge from the normal path that is laid out for you even before you are born. We must stay open to any new possibilities and not always have preconceived ideas about everything. This connects to a blog I posted on March 20 entitled “Humans’ Preconceived Ideas” ( ).

Lastly, I believe it is important to highlight the importance of this month for the sake of all people who must take care of their loved ones who are autistic. We must show respect for these people but also demonstrate patience if ever we have to interact with an autistic person. The only thing we have to do is be patient for a few moment and then return to what we were doing which is not very hard compared to what a mother must go through if her child is autistic.


Fear Used as a Tool Against Dementia


I read an article posted on the New York Times about an ethical issue talking about how people affected with dementia should be treated since they are not always aware of their actions. Some nurses use dark spaces on the floors because people who have dementia are scared of falling into holes. Thinking about this issue, we could ask the question, should fear be used to keep dementia affected patients in a particular place?   

First, let’s describe what this syndrome is. People who have the dementia are people who have a loss of cognitive ability due to aging or a brain injury. The affected areas in the brain could be memory, attention, language and more.  

I think that fear should not be used because it is ethically incorrect to do so. We are taking advantage of the people who are disabled which is wrong in my opinion. How would these people actually want to be treated if they were aware of everything that is going on? If they had all of their conscience, I don’t think they would want to be taken advantage of in this way. What we should do is place ourselves in their position. Would you want to be enclosed by walls of snakes (if this is your fear)?  

Some people might argue that if you don’t use fear you have to hold the affected people in enclosed areas like prisoners. But this is just a safe way of keeping patients with dementia from causing harm to anyone else. This goal should be the one in priority. By using dark floors, the family of the person with dementia will feel pain for their relative who is feeling afraid all the time. I think this is another aspect that could be avoided.

By using this unethical method, we are using the fear of the patient to get what we want in a way that is as easy as possible. Sometimes, the easiest way isn’t always the best way.

Finally, if people think that enclosed areas are so bad, then why don’t they start thinking about all of our animals who are kept in them?

To read the article about this issue visit:


Diets: How Bad are They Really?

Any diet, whether it is high protein, high carbohydrates or abstaining from proteins, these diets are just an inequality of a person’s required portions of food. Sometimes, a person may be placed under a diet to satisfy a physical limitation and this is perfectly acceptable. But for people with a normal metabolism, these diets, although advertised in a positive manner, are actually bad for our bodies.

In an article called “High-Protein Diets in Midlife Linked to High Risk Of Premature Death, Study Says” written by ….., it is stated that being on a high-protein diet is as bad as smoking. This is because they both approximately have the same amount of health risks as proven by the study.

But a diet in general is just a word that means a regulated amount of food that a person consumes to either lose weight or for medical reasons. But actually, when people want to lose weight with these diets, it isn’t good for their health even though they might look skinnier afterwards. Many of the women who decide to go through these diets are trying to change their body which tells us that they aren’t comfortable in their bodies. I think all these women need is reassurance which would help to build their self-esteem and confidence. I am not saying that everyone on these diets fits these criteria but a big part of them do.

This is a very debatable issue. Why do people decide to actually follow a diet? Are they pressured by peers or is it a personal decision? The answers to these questions rest with every individual who has decided to start a diet. If these people would be informed of all the information that was found about these supposedly “good” diets, I think some of them would change their mind.


For people thinking of starting a diet, I recommend reading the article mentioned above:

Efficiency Our Health Care System



Many people question themselves on why it is so long to be treated when you get sick or injured? This is because of the way our health care system works. But also because there is not enough doctors which means that everyone must wait a long time to be able to see one. CBC news published a recent article called “Canadian patients wait longest to see family doctor” that discusses this issue. I actually agree with the people who think that our health care system is not working well for our population. Frequently, there are many people who can’t see a doctor and who must then wait over six hours at the emergency for a treatment. This injury or sickness could actually be worst by the time it can be treated.

Only 23% of Quebecers actually think that our health-care system is working pretty well. This demonstrates that there is a majority who are dissatisfied which means that maybe something should be done about this important matter. Doesn’t the government see what is happening to its citizens? We are frequently frustrated about this system, which does not respond to the population’s demand rapidly enough. I would almost rather treat my injury myself if I can instead of having to pass through this time-consuming system. My mother actually waited a whole year to get an MRI for her right knee to be able to identify why her knee was so painful. After waiting these 12 months, she went to the scheduled appointment and she found out that she was signed up for her left knee. Even after explaining to the nurse that there had been a mistake, the nurse refused to scan her injured leg. Therefore, she spent a whole year waiting for nothing and finally decided to live with her injury.

Sometimes, maybe not everyone realizes that health is very important for everyone because it allows humans to enjoy life and have enough energy to do what they please. We cannot take this for granted because there is always a risk that a person won’t stay healthy forever.

Dogs are the Best Guards for Asthma and Infections!


            In 2013, a very interesting article was written by Jeffrey Norris called “How household dogs protect against asthma and infection.” This is an interesting idea since we have always thought that a child prone to having asthma or allergies should be kept away from a household dog. Their theory actually makes sense though because they state that if children are not placed under these conditions, they will not develop a great number of asthma-associated immune cells. For this reason, I think that children should be exposed to dogs in their houses or even cats could help as well. This means that these children would develop an increased amount of these immune cells and they would also avoid having a weaker immune system.

           In a certain sense, we can say that dogs are acting as a tool for humans in this case because they become a need for us. Moreover, we are actually manipulating our environment to make it suit our needs, which is to have a stronger immune system to avoid asthma and infections. The dogs will allow us to be successful. This information leads us to truthfully assert that dogs are actually a technology.

Even though dogs have the importance of being classified as a technology, they also bring other benefits to children. People will develop a sense of responsibility, have a companion to play games and also just to have a loyal friend. Who can possibly say that dogs are a waste of energy after learning all of the positive effects they have?


Contradictions about Abortion

A matter that is still currently a subject of debate in our society is whether or not abortion should be legal. To get the opinion of the population on this rather important subject, polls are made.

The polls, which are directed by different parties, basically express the same question and multiple answers but the way the information is displayed will definitely have an impact on the choice of the person answering. I agree with William Saletan when he states, in his article called “Do Most Americans Think Most Abortions Should Be Illegal?”, that it is the job of citizens to recognize that there may be manipulations in these polls. Voters should not change their views because of how the information is demonstrated even if they are being influenced. It is clear that the Pro-Life Activists will try and influence people to vote against abortion while the Supreme Court will want to do the opposite to support that their decision to make abortion legal 41 years ago is still supported by many. It is perfectly normal for these two groups to stand up for what they think is best for our society. Of course, in the end, the government always has the final decision concerning what laws will be passed or not, therefore, it is very hard for the Pro-Life Activists to win against our powerful government.

My view concerning abortion is that it should be legal because woman should have the right to decide whether or not to get an abortion. If having an abortion is not part of a woman’s values, than she simply has no obligation to do it. But if it is in a woman’s values to get abortion, than she should be able to do it. Of course this means the loss of a human life, but we must think about the future also. What if a woman was raped? In this case, the woman probably would want to take a decision concerning her pregnancy since it wasn’t planned.

Having said this, we should leave the doors open for the population to decide for themselves whether they need an abortion or not. We cannot make abortion illegal because, in doing so, we are depriving people from actually thinking critically about their lives. After making the decision of whether to have an abortion or not, this person will then feel in control of her life. 

How People Should Be Treated


             In André Picard’s article, “We’re all to blame for staying mum on mental illness”, she makes a clear distinction about how mentally ill people are treated versus physically ill people. She is right to state that they are treated differently, but this is totally normal because they are two very different things! One affects the mind, brain and the body while the other only affects the body physically. These are two types of pain which affect the human being differently although both are very intense.  

            When we are dealing with a situation with a physically wounded person, it only takes time, patience and, in some cases, adaptation for a person to recover from his injuries. Moreover, individuals affected with mental illness may be harder to understand by others who are not aware of all the psychological impacts on these people. Some even want no contact with the mentally ill out of selfishness and close-mindedness.

             In the end, even though we should help the ones who suffer from mental illness, they are the only ones who can decide for themselves whether or not to ask for help. Even family members cannot force a person against their will to get support if this person wants nothing to do with it. This can connect to the movie “The Soloist” directed by Joe Wright which talks about a homeless, schizophrenic man who has a lot of talent in music. A journalist called Steve Lopez decides to write about him and soon becomes his friend. The mentally ill man was a student at Juilliard for 2 years, but was obliged to drop out because he couldn’t stand to hear the voices any longer. Lopez wanted to help this man so much but even the man refused and became violent when he learned that Lopez wouldn’t stop. This story demonstrates that some people would rather live with their illness than have to take medication. Everyone that surrounds these people should be patient and support the mentally ill without going against their will. 

The Effects of Medication


People should not completely stop taking fever-reducing meds just because they can increase the transmission of the influenza virus. They will be in more pain when combating their infection which is very uncomfortable. I think a better solution for the problem about flu medication, described in the article “Fever-reducing meds encourage spread of flu: McMaster report” posted by CBC, would be to stay isolated and avoid contact with other people. Without physical contact, the virus will not spread as much which will also help save lives as mentioned in the article.

The medication described in this article is something that was made by humans which indicates that it actually acts as a technology. The technology is defined as a tool that responds to a fundamental need of humans and makes us successful. In this case, the science behind the making of the medication had to be found first before applying the technology so that we could successfully create the pills. These pills were developed and tested for safe human consumption.

All of the efforts humans have made to achieve this technology are a good reason not to waste it. Looking in the past, one of the first technologies that were created was the wheel and without its invention, humans couldn’t have evolved as much technologically. Therefore, technology is an important part of our lives and it is found everywhere for different functions.

Both science and technology have played a role in producing this necessary medication which can help humans positively when taken in reasonable quantities. One of the benefits is the reduction in fever which will result in an increase in energy. I think feeling better while being more isolated is a better option than enduring your virus by taking nothing at all and having no energy.