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Humans’ Preconceived Ideas

We often have an idea of what something is based on what we have seen about it before. What I mean by this is that sometimes, we assume that we know what something is all about before we really take the initiative of learning the truth about it. These assumptions are done every day for simple things such as eggs or even assuming you know how a coach is treating her players.

A specie that humans assume they know all about is the worm. You might be thinking that there is nothing more to learn about worms and that they are boring anyways. But if you take a look at the project posted by Alexander Demenov ( you will probably change your mind.


After observing these interesting worms, you may have noticed how complex they actually are. There are different types of worms such as earthworms, marine worms and flatworms only to name a few. Most of us probably thought that all worms looked like the worms we can observe in a garden. This is because we have a preconceived idea of what worms are.

In the future, we can now be able to say that we know worms are more than just ordinary. This thought leads me to think about other species that we have been having a fixed idea about. One of these species is the ant.

We often diminish the value of ants simply because we feel superior to them. This is mainly because of their size but also because they are not aggressive towards us. Humans should always keep in mind that every species in an ecosystem are essential for it to function properly.

Also, we must try, even if it may be hard, to reduce our amount of preconceived ideas so that we can remain open for all sorts of things that can happen, especially in our scientific world.


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