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How is Autism Classified in our Society?


April is Autism Awareness Month as written in a post by News. This disease is avoided by most of the population since people who have this disease have problems with the processing of information in the brain. Nerve cells and their synapses are affected in the way they are connected and organized. This means that their behavior is different especially for social interactions.

Even experienced scientists still have a hard time to understand this disease which affects the nervous system. Not everything is known about this system of the human body and more research must still be made so that we can discover more about the human body. This will enable us to know more about autistic patients and help them even more!

Where I work during the summer, there is a family who comes every year and they have a child who is autistic. I am impressed every time I see him with his mother because the mother must remain at his side constantly. She barely has any time left for herself but she remains patient with her son because she knows that becoming enraged won’t improve the situation. Her son cannot change who he is because it is simply how he was created. Every time I see this woman with her child, I feel a great respect for her especially for her patience, her devotion and her love for her child. 

No one could revert this disease because it would be like trying to remove a central beam under a bridge who is in the way of a boat. If we were to remove this support, the bridge would come crashing down; therefore, an autistic child wouldn’t survive if we tried to alter his nervous system. But the fact that I thought about such an idea demonstrates how all of us are always pushed to what is “right”. What I mean by this is that we always assume that we should do what everyone else is doing.    

We have always been taught, although not always directly, what we should want and get in our future. We may think that our decisions are always our own but actually, they are always influenced by many things. Social pressures are a big influence for children as well as adults. For instance, the mother who gave birth to an autistic child probably didn’t expect her child to be like this. She was expecting a “normal” child as everyone ultimately views many things in the world. But what defines normal?

I think what we consider as normal is what most people are classified as. For example, if 85% of the Quebec population had brown hair, then people would start to expect their child to have brown hair and be included in the majority. But should it be considered as bad to be different from the rest of society? 

The answer to this questions, in my opinion, is that it shouldn’t be bad to diverge from the normal path that is laid out for you even before you are born. We must stay open to any new possibilities and not always have preconceived ideas about everything. This connects to a blog I posted on March 20 entitled “Humans’ Preconceived Ideas” ( ).

Lastly, I believe it is important to highlight the importance of this month for the sake of all people who must take care of their loved ones who are autistic. We must show respect for these people but also demonstrate patience if ever we have to interact with an autistic person. The only thing we have to do is be patient for a few moment and then return to what we were doing which is not very hard compared to what a mother must go through if her child is autistic.