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Cat Vision for Humans!

An interesting idea was published in POPULAR SCIENCE about a new kind of contact lenses that would allow humans to see in the dark. These lenses would be made with graphene which is a type of carbon crystal that is light and thin and that detects infrared light. 


This means we would be closer to becoming like felines who can see in the dark, although it wouldn’t be in exactly the same way. We would then be a step closer to improving the human capacity of observation!

Have you never questioned yourself about how these animals see the world? This is an interesting question since it leads us to new ideas and concepts that haven’t been explored yet. Imagine spending a whole day seeing what a cat sees. This would be quite an experience indeed!  

If we compare our vision with cats (who are in the feline family), we can see that cats can see better in the dark due to the big number of rods they have in their retina ( ). On the other hand, we see better in bright light because of the cones in our retina.  Therefore, if we start using this new idea of contact lenses, we would have a better vision than cats altogether.

Furthermore, these new lenses would bring multiple advantages for our society. A simple advantage would be not worrying about bringing a flashlight when going for a walk at dusk. Also, when entering a dark room, we would be able to instantly recognize if someone is hiding in it or if it is completely empty. Another advantage that we might not think about is when there is a power failure. We would then be able to get candles without hurting ourselves in the process.

Finally, I encourage scientists to work on this project because it would allow us to see the world differently in darkness. This could also help scientists when they must do their observations for their experiments. With all of these benefits, it would be nice to know when these scientists predict to put this new product on the market.

To read the article about these lenses got to: