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Forcing the Environment to Accommodate Us

The environment is always a big topic of discussion especially since we are seeing more and more news about disasters, flooding, epidemics, and more.

We do not realize how much we are affecting the environment simply because we have become used to the idea that the environment should accommodate us and not the other way around. We are shaping the environment so that we can live comfortably, but we are starting to assume that the environment is strong enough to handle all change. This assumption should not be made because, as we can see with recent news, some of the biosphere is deteriorating which is causing damage to many species on Earth.


One of the things that have recently been seen in the news is the fact that 61 trees must be cut down in Verdun because of an infestation of Emerald ash borers ( These green beetles are starting to infect more and more regions and they are hard to stop due to the fact that they do not have many predators. We also greatly contribute to their rate of dispersion because we import and export wood that could contain these killers.

Another problem that I read about in the news, concerning how the environment cannot meet all of our extensive needs, is about our waste ( A couple living in Saint-Gabriel-Lalement is having problems with their plumbing system, which has caused their waste to go directly in nature. When they realized how much their house stank, they took off a piece of floor, and found more than 4 inches thick of crap!

            This indicates how much we are forcing the environment to obey us. What I mean by this is that humans are only thinking about themselves but they should be thinking about the poor biosphere that might not last an eternity.

The following picture makes you think not only about the environment, but also the animals that are cohabiting wit us in it.