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The Creation of Internet: Good and Bad


It is quite interesting to think about how consumerism has evolved through time. This is due to technology and the creation of social networks which would never have been possible without science.

At the time, no one was aware of the big movement that they would be creating by releasing such a powerful technology. But scientists are always curious to know more about everything; therefore, I don’t think that anything would have stopped them.

There are multiple advantages that come with the creation of internet. Firstly, analyzing search engines can be one of the many ways that organizations can deduce what consumers want. Internet will have proven to be more useful than scientists had originally thought. It was during the 1950’s that electronic computers started to make their first appearance although; it was only at the end of 1980 that the internet became commercialized.

Predictions could now be made about many things such as which brand would be more popular, how many movie tickets would be sold for a show or even flu tendencies for each region. I am sure everyone would be unable to imagine a world without internet these days. How would we stay connected to the world?

All of our ancestors were able to manage without it, but today, no one dares to mention the idea since some people even live off of the internet.

Some might argue that the internet has become too open. What I mean is that every event, incident or information is posted on the network; therefore, it is hard to keep information private. I can relate to this since it has happened to me before and I know how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. The other person who posted the picture was playing the innocent and pretending that it was actually a great one. But I did not agree. This was when I decided that I would always stay in control of what image is portrayed about me on the internet.  

Although this is a disadvantage, there are ways around it so that people can stay safe both on the internet and in their daily lives. Laws have been created that forbid certain information’s to be used against other people such as cases of cyberbullying. The only thing left for a person to do is to inform themselves of their possibilities concerning their privacy on internet.

In our society, internet now has many advantages and disadvantages which make it a debatable topic among scientists. Although, since it has grown in popularity, the internet is a tool that still wants to be used by many consumers and producers. An interesting article which explores the subjects of computers, the web and how humans could make their computers understand them can be read at