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Bill Nye’s Contribution to Science


Recently, I watched a video by Bill Nye, the Science Guy, who was discussing his opinion about what is happening in space at the moment. He is the executive director of The Planetary Society which is a non-profit organization that promotes the exploration in space. 

Their recent project is sending a spacecraft into space, no later than August 2014, which contains folded solar panels. When the craft will reach outer space, these panels (which are thin and pliable) will unfold. This is a brilliant idea since we could get energy from the sun without having to build huge solar panels that are very costly!

Also, this will allow us to maximize our space on earth because as we all know, our population is continuously growing. Consequently, we need more and more territory to live on. Therefore, getting our energy from space would be a good advantage for us.   

It fascinates me how humans have the capability of progressing so fast in the scientific field. In our society, this is a very complicated branch which requires lots of thinking and analyzing.

Furthermore, I would say that space is one of the most difficult aspects of science since the amount of experiments that can be performed in space are limited. This means that scientists must rely on a minimum number of experiments to test their theories which is hard because the more data that is collected, the better a theory can be tested.

Lastly, it would be very interesting to follow up on Bill Nye’s organization in August to know whether or not this prototype will actually work or not. If it does, we can only hope to gain large amounts of energy from it.


To watch the interview with Bill Nye go to: