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Leonardo da Vinci: A Legend

After watching this short documentary about Leonardo da Vinci, I believe that one of his big desires was to learn how to fly. He had designed different kinds of machines to do this such as his glider or his famous parachute with no hole in the center.

Since Leonardo da Vinci was so ahead of his time, not many people believed in his theories because they were so extravagant. Not only this but Leonardo didn’t have all of the resources necessary to perform all of his experiments, for example, his plans of building the biggest horse statue.

Today, we now realize how he was actually a genius! I think it is too bad that such a great man never got the opportunity to see how his brilliant ideas and discoveries increased the evolution of our society. More than that, it made us ask questions about our world and opened our mind to new comcepts.

If Leonardo da Vinci were to come back and live another day in our world, what would be his opinion? And what would he do?

Firstly, I think that he would be impressed at how much we have come to treat all of his works as divine. What I mean by this is that we now consider Leonardo as someone who was very intelligent and we have a lot of respect for him. He would be fascinated by all of the things we have created such as cameras, televisions, motors, hydroelectric dams, and the list goes on.

Moreover, I think he would probably want to take a flight on a plane and be in the cockpit just to see what it feels like. He would probably also ask if he could take a look at the plans of the plane and ask questions to the engineer.
After learning who Leonardo da Vinci was, we can see how curious he was about the world around him. Also, how perseverant he was to perform his experiments his way.

This man will never be forgotten even though he was alive more than 600 years ago. He has marked our past and allowed us to grow as a society because of his many discoveries. We will forever remain in his debt.