Always Stick to the Mission!

The art of medicine has always been very important in our society. Without our doctors and surgeons, many people would suffer and die from illnesses or diseases. Their mission, as stated in William Cayley’s article called “Muddling “margin” and “mission””, is to do no harm, always benefit the sick and cure the people who need it. This means that their mission focuses on helping others without thinking about themselves. This makes me think about an ethical way of reasoning called “Utilitarian Ethics”. This way of thinking obeys the following statement: The greatest good for the greatest number.

This relates to the above situation since health care practitioners should always treat patients with all of the resources they have even though some might be more costly. They must always do what is best for the patient first and foremost. By doing this for ever patient, they will be benefiting the society, as a whole, the most.


Health care specialists should not be concerned by money. This matter should be dealt with by people who have studied for this job. These people have a different mission then the doctors and surgeons. They will make sure that the health consultants will have enough resources that are needed for all of their patients.

If workers start to alter their original objective, then the system that we our dependant on will not function properly anymore. Here is where problems may occur. Situations like this are already occurring today and we should try to fix them for the sake of the well-being of our population.   

Here is a video you should listen to that talks about a passionate doctor describing her job: 


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